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    Shandong Oil Chemical Co., Ltd. is founded in 1992. Its predecessor is Shandong Oilfield Chemicals Research and Development Center, and later it was renamed Shandong Oil Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Since it was founded in more than 20 years ago, the company has been mainly engaged in the research and development of fine chemicals. By cooperation with universities, colleges and research institutes, we have accomplished dozens of scientific and technological achievements, including non-metallic crosslinking temperature resistance and salt tolerance high-viscosity gel; environment protection and energy saving nanotechnology active diesel fuel additives; nanometer organometallic active polymers which can greatly enhance the oil recovery; chemical  drag-reducing dispersants; Masonry antiskid anti-seepage enhanced composite organic silicon building materials additives.
    Through cooperation with other institutions, our company has dozens of patents and paper copyright. And a dozen of them are award-winning. The main patent achievement include: (1) oil-flooding sand-fixing agent (2) negative pressure well killing fluid for oilfield workover operation and its preparation method (3) fuel environmental-friendly oil-saving additive and its preparation method (4) composite leather fatliquor and its preparation method (5) new selective deep profile control agent (6) new oil drag-reducing viscosity reducer (7) attenuation X-ray resin nanometer barium sulfate composite (8) oil field fracturing cleanup agent
    The company’s main scientific research achievements are applied in various fields such as oil industry, textile, printing and dying, leather and papermaking. Our company has cooperated with many domestic and foreign companies. Foreign projects are: Venezuela MPE-3 oilfield thickened oil exploitation, transportation and visbreaking experiments; Sudan Region VI Fula oilfield Fula-2B crude oil processing experiments; research and application of Sudan Khartoum refinery crude chemistry low-acid and dynamic method of decalcification. Participated domestic projects include: silicide organic rare earth comppsite catalyst for fuel-saving and environment protection; bicyclo- imidazole modified linear polyurethane derivatives experimental synthesis technology; research of flexible foam adhesive during the polyurethane flexible foam production; development and testing of YuDong thickened oil wellbore chemical viscosity reducer, and etc.    
    Recently,the company’s main developed products are special surfactant and living polymer.
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