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The new energy committee meeting: development of shale gas is the national will

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    On April 18, Premier Li Keqiang hosted the first meeting of the new National Energy Commission to study and discuss the related strategic issues and major projects in the process of energy. 
    Li pointed out that the key of adjusting energy structure is to promote the reform of energy system. Open competing businesses, and encourage all types of investors to orderly enter into the energy development area and compete with each other fairly. 
    As the energy deliberation and coordinating agency of the highest standard in China, the National Energy Commission was established in the last administration, however, they only had one meeting, and it was the moment when the National Energy Commission was established. Meeting on the 18th is first official meeting since the Energy Commission was established five years ago, and also was the first energy commission meeting since Prime Minister Li Keqiang was appointed as the director of the Energy Commission. The meeting focused on the promotion of the development of shale gas and other unconventional oil and gas resources, showing the government's emphasis on the shale gas industry.

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