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On October 24, 2013, the company's chief scientist professor XinYinChang held in Beijing international seminar on gas energy development technology as important report.

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    At present, the world energy supply situation is worsening, the requirements of environmental protection is increasing. Economical and efficient gas energy development, represented by natural gas, shale gas, coalbed methane and gas hydrates will be very meaningful and important. In the gas energy development process, there are still many technical problems to be solved. It is necessary to hold an academic symposium about gas energy development in the worldwide. Thus, China Energy Society, Energy and Mining Engineering Department of Chinese Academy , Oil and Gas Resources Survey Research Center of China Geology Survey, Beijing Petroleum Institute, China University of Petroleum (Beijing) held the Gas Energy Development Technology International Seminar from 2013 October 23 to 25 in Beijing. 
    Professor Xin Yinchang, as the chief scientist of Shandong Oil Chemical Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the meeting, and then made a important report - "The Importance and Usage of Thermal Cracking in the Development of Unconventional Oil and Gas". This report has very important significance for the development of unconventional oil and gas resources. 

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