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Reactive surfactants

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1、Features: Good resistance to salt, low tension
(1)Viscosity reduction and dehydration in oilfield.
(2)As the additive of oil displacement agent, it can replace common surfactant in coating, printing, adhesive, so that the poor waterproofness, leveling property and oil resistivity caused by latter can be avoid.
(3)Used active surfactant for emulsion polymerization during the production of polymer in emulsion polymerization can improve its mechanical stability, chemical stability, freeze stability, storage stability, and many other properties.
(4)The surfactant of this structure can be used as emulsifier in emulsion polymerization, dispersant for suspension polymerization, resin modifying agent. It can used to improve hydrophobicity, adjust the hydrophilicity; improve the antistatic property, antifog property, water proofing property, improve the adhesiveness, improve dyeability, improve film-forming property, weatherability, and improve anti-blocking  property.
(5)It can be used as fiber additives, and can be used for the raw material of organic polysiloxane modified by the surfactant.
(6)The surface active agent, can also be prior used in acrylate emulsion, styrene emulsion, vinyl acetate emulsion, SBR (styrene/butadiene emulsion),ABS(acrylonitrile/butadiene/styrene) emulsion, BR (butadiene) emulsion, IR (isoprene) emulsion, NBR (acrylonitrile/butadiene) emulsion 
(7) The surfactants can also be used in complex way with polyether and polyvinyl alcohol or other active agents.

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